Ready Auction House - Ready House Auction Is A Scam!!!! Craig Robinett Will Rob You Blind!!!

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I was looking for a company to help me sell some collectibles that I had purchased in a lot. My first mistake was to settle for the first company I called, which was Ready House Aucti on. I spoke with Craig, the owner, and he came over to my house the same day. He looked over my inventory and said he could either do eBay or list the items as auction items. He picked up the items, which included several collectible Barbies, Vintage Toys, Boxes of vintage comics and the list goes on and on. He seemed to be a pretty trustworthy guy so I trusted him to take the inventory and felt comfortable getting an inventory list from him within a couple of days. Well, the list took so long to get, thank goodness I already had a list or I would have forgotton some of the items. The next thing I know is he is selling my items at what I would call a Garage Sale. He did not put any items on eBay as promised and sold my Barbies at Auction for pennies. I couldn't believe it especially since he could have put a reserve on them like he did many other items from customers. It's also funny that all my high end Barbie's went to the same person at a fraction of their value.

Well, it's been several months later and I am still trying to close out this account and collect any monies owed to me. All I get is excuses when I do get a hold of Craig, but I think he has found out who he is messing with. Luckily I live very close to his warehouse and I drive over there when I cannot get an answer from him. My next action is filing a complaint with the BBB and reporting them to the Tax Board. And I'm not stopping there. This man cannot continue conducting business this way. He is taking items from people who need the money, not just because they are collecting dust.

For all of you that have not received you money or he has not sold your items, I can tell you why. He has a warehouse of so much stuff I don't know how he knows what he has and who it belongs to. They just pull inventory out every week and have what they call an Estate Sale. Trust me, it's a garage sale. It's just held inside a warehouse not in a yard.

If anyone out there is still struggling with this company please contact me and I will do my best to relay messages, serve papers, etc. This man has to be stopped......NOW!

I can be reached at

Good Luck Everyone and I will look forward to any feedback.

Thanks, Viki Anderson

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I found out yesterday, July 7th that Ready House Auction has filed bankruptcy and if your item hasn't been sold you will be notified in the next week to pick=up your items.


Correction... Ready Auction House is now renamed The Auction Place. Check public records to see if Robinett has taken out a proper business licence and a surety bond for the 'new' company name as RAH was defficient.


Bill, there are many of us now trying to get paid. Robinett (RAH) has now changed the name of the company to The Auction House, same website, same owner, same scam. If you would like to share information please provide a way for us to contact you.


I just want to say that this guy is a total rip off and all of you that do buisness with him you are nuts.He will take your money and run with it.So for the people out there already ripped off,file a law suite against Craig R.For the others take your stuff and find another Aution company.


Craig Robinett auctioned off my O gauge/ O -27 gauge TOY TRAIN collection, RETAIL VALUE ESTIMATED AT $30k sent him in April,2010- Against my specific wishes my items were auctioned off piecemeal w/ ittinerant other collectables OWNED BY OTHERS, not As a block entity in 2 auctions as he had promised in his verbal agreement wit me- mY ITEMS WERE IN 6 DIFFERANT AUCTIONS FROM OCTOBER 2010 TO MARCH,2011 , AS SAID, MIXED IN WITH OTHER CLIENTS ITEMS no contract was ever forth coming from him, thou I continually asked for one via e mail and the phone- He stopped taking my calls in March 201i , but on May 5, 2011 sent me a read out of what my ites brought in AUCTION - HE STILL HAS SOME UNLISTED AS YET TOY TRAINS OF MINE ( i ASKED HIM TO RETURN THEM TO ME - tHE NET DUE ME SO FAR AFTER HE DEDUCTED HIS 35 PERCENT PER ITEM COMMISSION is almost $11,000--- I have yet rto recieve payment as of May 14,2011


Viki, what you've said fills in a LOT of blanks. Thank you for posting and offering help. We are filing suit right now. A court advisor and a lawyer told us to consider a suit for criminal fraud given the pattern of abuse that is surfacing and in parallel (clearly) breach of contract. We feel most sorry for the folks out there who are seniors who Robinett has not paid; they don't have the means/resources to follow up, simply they lose. FYI, see Orange Co. court/business PUBLIC RECORDS for Ready Auction House a.k.a. Craig Robinett:

1) OC Small Claim was settled in Nov 08... summary states customer consigned train collection to Robinett and was never paid. Case was dismissed because RAH / Robinett finally paid! ... sound familiar?

2) See OC complaint RAH not operating with a valid business license until April 2011 (last mo.!) when Robinett finally got one... how long was RAH in operation without a licence?

3) See OC Superior Court case history from 2002 and 2004 cases against Robinett for 'collections'; one case is still listed as 'open'; RAH was incoporated in 2008... draw your own conclusions.

4)See OC Property Tax public records for the RAH warehouse property tax ($13,800)for 2010/2011 being paid in Nov and Dec 2010; the later payment EARLY as 2nd install. are not due until April 2011... draw your own conclusions once again as to where this money came from.

We will contact you shorty and THANK YOU again for being a local advocate... I'm certain you could be of help to those of us who are not local.

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Ready Auction House - Non payment for my auctioned off items

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In April 2010 I shipped via fed ex 70 plus large cartons of Modern era, toy trains ,some post war and prewar lionel to Craig Robinette of Ready Auction house ,anaheim,California- He auctioned off my items in multiply auctions and to date have not received payment and communication from him has stopped- and he does not return my phone and e-mail messages-- I fear a law suite is my only option at this point-- This charleton obviosly has no business scruples--please advise- call 954 749 1090 Your help is appreciated Hal Seitz TCA TTOS LCCA MEA

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Mr.Seitz, your situtation is almost identical to ours, except that our problems with Craig Robinette date back to July 2009.

I'm sure you've read Ed's comments and ours; see also complaing file on the Better Business Bureau site against Ready Auction House.If you are interested in stopping the Craig Robinette / Ready Auction House scam and getting your money, please post back and we will contact you to share information.

Craig Robinett / Ready Auction House does NOT pay!

San Diego, California 16 comments

Craig Robinett / Ready Auction House is operating nothing short of a ponzi scheme, where RAH takes your inventory, sells it, gets the cash and never pays you while getting inventory from others and doing the same.He has not paid us for hundreds of items sold in their auctions.

We have heard nothing but excuses AND now thousands of dollars owed to us, a year overdue! Please read other pissed consumer comments on this site. Their experience is the same as ours.

Our only recourse now is a time/money consuming lawsuit.If you are a pissed RAH customer, please add a comment here.

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this man is a crook.I don't understand how he is still getting away with scamming people and robbing them of their possesions for nothing.


Don't let him fool you.Please.


Really, the man went bankrupt.You are S.O.L.

Get a fricking life, pull yer panties out of your *** and grow up.....or move out of your mothers house.Losers.

Costa Mesa, California, United States #590379

Would love to see a lawsuit aimed at Craig Robinett.He took approximately $10k in comic books to sell, and after 2 months, I never heard from him again.

Bounced back emails, never returned phone calls, and now bankrupt.

If anyone has any ideas I'd love to hear them.

to ***ed Starts to cover it #591118

I'd like to know where to find this guy...he belongs in jail.Anyone know where he is hiding now?

His "The Auction Place" (new name for his "Ready Auction House") has now disappeared.


Never trust this company or Jim Dyker.They lie, cheat and operate worse than any ponzi/used car lot type slimy characters.

They cheat senior citizens and are criminals. Wait till you get their accounting. It is a joke. Their contract says they take 30%, when they take 40%.

Their accounting is a simple page hand typed with chair....$15, table $20 etc. a bunch of bull ***! They will get their cumuppance.

Can't do that to people.Oh, then you have to chase your money down and even then, cannot cash their checks.


I appreciate Hal's reasoned remarks and am trying to figure out what in the world is going on.If anyone would care to share his or her experience, I would appreciate it.

Hal is absolutely correct: I need to keep an open mind and find out the facts for myself. Everyone should be treated honestly and with respect. As my Dad used to say, if you cannot rely on a handshake and if you really need a lawyer, don't do the deal!

All the best from Washington State.Email me at:


The Auction Place, inc is a California corporation with J.Dykier listed as president-- Craig T Robinett is a employee of this corporatioh - No aspersions cast - draw your own conclusions


attention Mr Dansky-- Your experience with this auction house seems to be a positve one -- Why don't you read some of the comments of others in this connection , and completely disregard anything I have said-- I am not proof of the pudding by any means - My subjective experience is MY problem-- Just keep a open mind when looking at others thoughts on this subject


craig robinett incorpated his operation as of May 16,2011 under California corporation entity law - The new name is THE AUCTION PLACE INC doing business at 155 E.Liberty Ave.

#G Anaheim, Ca.

- the same location of his wholly owned Ready Auction House-- This makes him "just a employee of the corporation" BUT it is business as usual for him- he manages to run a auction every Saturday, and the unsuspecting are still leaving goods on consignment with THE AUCTION PLACE inc in good faith-- Craig .Robinett's track record can be traced thru a long paper trail showing numerous suites requesting payment from him by very unhappy unpaid clients in the Califonia Judicial system ( the Northern court of Orange County,Ca in particular) Justice in this case has been slow to stop-- Only A few concerned victims have stepped forward to date--there are more in the wings--Please do not become a victim if you can at all help it


Correction, Ready Auction House name has been changed to The Auction Place.


Ready Auction House name is now changed to The Auction House...other than the name change, the website, owner (Robinett) is the SAME.

Do NOT be fooled. Changing the name of this company does not change past history, i.e. take goods from trusting people, sell them and then DO NOT PAY them.

The name change will likely be posted on the Better Business Bureau site, so the public knows...BEWARE of this scamming auction company.


Karin, your situation is SO similar to all of ours! We will contact you to share information about legal action against RAH/Craig Robinett.


When my stepfather died, I gave Craig approximately $70,000 worth of model trains.I've had to hound and threaten Craig for a couple of years to obtain any kind of money (which is not very much).

I, initially, had made an arrangement with a model train store who was willing to buy my entire collection. Craig convinced me that they were ripping me off and then proceeded to do just that. He has given me a long scroll of ridiculous excuses. He's a terrible man who preys on people when they are vulnerable.

I hope he goes to jail for all the people he's taken advantage of.

I would love to participate in any action that leads to justice for all of his victims.I can be emailed at


Vicki, I'm not surprised to see your comments.There are now Ed, Hal, you and our family posting on this board to complain about Ready Auction House / Craig Robinett not paying ANYTHING or paying only a portion of what he owes.

If you'd like to join our information sharing, please post back.

Good to know you are nearby.An attorney suggested we also show up in person at one of his auctions and make public our circumstance and demand payment.


I thought I was the only one going through this.Craig is a scheister to put it nicely but I will not take this sitting down.

He owes me a lot of money thinks he's going to get by with excuse after excuse. I have been lucky enough to get checks from him monthly for the prior months of sales but the amounts just don't add up.

I am one of the luckier ones because I live down the street from his Auction House and I drive there and demand and wait for a check from his wife.Let me know if I can help with serving papers, etc.


I sent Ready auction house 70 plus large cartons of modern era toy trains as well as some post war and prewar lionel trains in April 2010- he auctioned them off in multiple auctions and has not sent payment or reconcillation to date- he does not return my calls or e mails - A law suite seems needed at this poitn- yor help is appreciated call 954 749 1090 thanx hal seitz TCA TTOS LCCA MEA

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Ready Auction House never paid

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Update by user Apr 27, 2011

We have reached a mutually agreeable settlement and have received the first payment from Mr. Robinett. We fully expect him to honor his agreement, and I will provide updates as we go forward.

Original review posted by user Dec 21, 2010

We consigned a large amount of items from my Fathers estate to this company in Anaheim, CA in April of 2009. They sold them at their online and live auctions over the course of that year, completing the sales in December of 2009 and January of 2010. Starting in September of 2009, Craig Robinett, the owner assured us he would settle up the account "next month". That never happened. He admitted to selling all the merchandise but he spent the money somewhere else. He offered a string of excuses including death in the family, back trouble, illness, internet problems, etc.etc. We met with him in October of this year and he promised to pay the full amount by the end of November. He said he would have to sell someone else's items to raise the money to pay us. Full on Ponzi scheme. All we got was another email filled with more excuses. BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY!! This guy is a grifter and nothing more. Looks like we will have to sue him for the money.

Ready Auction House

155 East Liberty Ave. #H

Anaheim, Ca 92801


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Mr.Dansky, you have the right to speak of your own experience with Robinett.

Others also have that right. RAH/Robinett bankruptcy documents speak clearly... by admission, 65 people are owed $133,000, see public records.

This is money owed and does not include goods unreturned, as yet, unaccounted for.If you are a victim, please post back on this site.


Mister Dansky is THE ONLY person that I know off that seems to have had a positive experience with Craig Robinett.He is lucky.

VERY LUCKY. Unfortunately, there are many of us out there who cannot say the same.

Craig Robinett DOES NOT PAY. He is the man behind Ready Auction House and The Auction Place. Same warehouse.

Same address.He is a scammer and the law is closing in on him.


I am another victim of Craig Robinett and his shady business.This guy is a scammer and a crook.

He has gotten away with cheating one too many. He has recently declared bankruptcy on Ready Auction House and is now called The Auction Place. Same business, same warehouse, same crook. BE VERY AWARE.

I truly hope that these postings prevent others from becoming victims of his fraudulent ways. FIND SOMEONE ELSE TO DO BUSINESS WITH.



I can see why Mr.Seitz might have trouble dealing with people.

He does not know me but has no trouble making pejorative comments. No, Mr. Seitz, I am not family and I have not been paid to write a comment! All I could do is express my experience with Mr.

Robinette; obviously you and others have not been as fortunate. For that I am sorry, but for you to cast negative aspersions is unnecessarily malicious.

No one deserves to be cheated and if anyone is owed money he or she should be paid in full.It is called the American way.


Mr. Traversa, is you are interested in contacting those on this board with complaints against Ready Auction House, please post your contact information. If you haven't already, look up Ready Auction House on the Board to see the numerous other nonpayment complaints all very similar to yours.


I have had the same issues with Craig at Ready Auction House.He took my fathers collection of trains back in 2010 and sold the majority of them through his auction site.

To this date the only money Craig has paid my family is a token amount of around $4800. The trains were valued at around $100,000. He sold them for considerably less than their value and has given us a detailed list of the sales.

To this date RAH still owes us a large amount of money and they aren't even answering our calls or our emails.He is a crooked operator, BEWARE!!!!!




With all due respect to Mr.Dansky, I can assure you there is NOT 'a lot more to this story'.

On this board alone, there have been 3 posts from our family, Ed and now Hal with virtually the same story... Craig Robinette took under consignment our collectibles (2 cases were model trains), sold them and has NOT paid us, now many months- >1 year out! In your case, if you bought trains, you were given said inventory. In our case, Craig / Ready Auction house took our inventory sold it (I have evidence seeing our itemized trains selling online) and despite multitudes of pleas, has not paid us for them.

Craig Robinette / Ready Auction House is operating a scam! Ed, after spending who knows how much on legal representation has received 1 partial payment now.

We have nothing and from Hal, he has nothing either.We are seeking a legal remedy and will include our attorney/court fees in our claim.


I don't know the details of this complaint.All I can tell you is that in 15 years of dealing with Mr.

Robinette I have NEVER had any problem collecting my money or receiving the merchandise that I bought in a very timely manner. I would not be surprised to find out that there was a lot more to this story.

I highly recommend him for getting good money for items he auctions and for paying in a timely manner.One cannot please everyone all of the time.

Clifton Park, New York, United States #277566

If my previous post has any negative connotations, I apologize.We have reached a mutually agreeable settlement and have received the first payment from Mr.

Robinett.We fully expect him to honor his agreement, and I will provide updates as we go forward.


Miracles do happen.We filed a lawsuit against Robinett, and he has agreed to pay us.

He made the first payment yesterday and we expect him to continue an installment payment plan.I will post here when he has paid completely.


We are suing him in Superior Court.If anyone has documentation for the issues posted here, please contact me.

We are collecting evidence to support a fraud claim. There are some possible civil and criminal violations as well. With your help, we can put this guy out of business and possibly in jail.

Please email me at edcol@usinternet.Thanks for your help


Craig Robinette fences stolen goods knowingly and goes into hiding and lies when confronted by victims and police. Caught red-handed, he weasels out and should be in jail.


After seeing several pieces of art that were stolen from me on the Ready Auction website, I contacted the police and then Ready Auction.The owner will not cooperate with either me or the police.

He claims he has sold all of the items, but they still appear on his website.

He obviously deals with shady fences and sells stolen property, which is illegal.Don't trust him!


If anyone is interested in sharing information about this company and their experiences please contact me at have already posted complaints on the BBB site, but they have little real power.

He now has a grade of F from the BBB as he did not respond to their inquiry.Big surprise.


I read the 2 comments on Ready Auction House / Craig Robinette who has cheated his customers by not paying them according to his own contract. I too have not been paid over A LOT OF MONEY and was given the same stories/excuses. If you want to share information and examine a group legal remedy, please comment back.


hey ed it happen to me to. ready auction house never pay since 11-30-09 goin to sue send complaint to irs dept.of comsumer affairs bbb and boe tax evasion. this place is a scam.


I wish I had done a bit more due diligence on this guy.The amount is large enough that I can't just write it off.

Even if it costs me a third of what he owes me to recover the rest, it is more than I would have gotten.Thanks.

Kholargos, Attica, Greece #227176

Well, finally after surfing this site for a couple months the first real complaint.

I participate in those online auctions that you refer too, both LiveAuctioneers and Proxibid,and this auction house..Ready Auctions out of Anaheim, has alot of very fake/phoney militaria relics (Nazi Third Reich) that he passes off as genuine, original. The auction house does not fool anyone of us that are serious collectors though, and I have had suspicions of his business practices. Sad to say, you might as well suck this up and forget about it.

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